Day Safari Malaria free near Cape Town

Enjoy a Country Tour and experience the Big 5 on our doorstep near Cape Town. Visit the countryside and stay over one or two nights or more. Escape the busy city and appreciate our landscapes and blue skies.
A custom made tour to meet your requirements.

I will arrange accommodation at a Game Reserve for one night or more. Enjoy late evening and early morning game drives. Leisure time during the day to enjoy the hot African sun on your skin while you sip cocktails next to the pool. Sit around a fire at night and enjoy a true South African braai (barbeque) and stargaze into skies never seen before. The drive there and back is also an experience as there are beautiful landscapes to look at, wheat bales decorating the hills, green pastures against bright clear blue skies... a sight not to be missed!

Country Tour with Edward and Jean from England

Posted by Karen on Sat September 26, 2015 in Day Safari Malaria free near Cape Town.

For Edward's 80th birthday, his son Andrew booked a 4 day tour with me as a gift for his dad. I took his parents to Cape Agulhas where we stayed over in lovely accommodation overlooking the ocean. One of the places of interest we visited was the lighthouse which is so rich in history.
Another night we stayed over at a game reserve...

I loved being in the company of these adorable senior citizens. What joy it was showing them our country side with the yellow canola fields, gracious Blue Cranes, grazing sheep and cattle and soaring raptors. All of these were decorating the landscapes around us as we travelled from one place to another....

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